4 Reasons You Need Emotion to Make Sales

by Lindsey Winsemius - Posted 6 years ago

Emotional Buying

More people make a purchase based on emotion than you might think.

From CEOs to stay-at-home-moms, it’s a fact we can’t get away from: we’re all people driven by emotion. Whether we are making a purchase for our daughter’s first birthday or our business’ corporate office, emotion WILL play a role. The influential role of emotion in consumer behavior is well documented. 

So how can we appeal to the emotional side of our customer?

4 Ways to Re-create Your Brand to Appeal to Emotions

Send a clear message of WHY you are in business. 

You are selling an idea, not just a product or service. This concept is what makes branding so important, and so successful. By explaining WHY you are in business, you are relating to the emotions of your consumer. For example, Apple sells more iDevices than other companies because they sell the concept of innovation, not just products.  Innovation is a hot concept, and by tying their brand to this word they become attractive to potential buyers. 

By considering the question of WHY you are in business and communicating it to your audience, you will encourage an emotional purchase. Luxury, innovation, perfection, change, safety…these are all ideals that explain the WHY for businesses. This video explains in more detail the WHY of purchasing. 

Remove the guilt barrier from a purchase. 

We all want to do the right thing, particularly if the right thing benefits us. Tell a potential buyer how your company is giving to charitable causes, or how your products are good for the environment.  Statements like “Our products are made from 60% recyclable material”, or “5% of every purchase goes to Today’sCause.org” will make the decision to buy from you just a little easier. We all want to make a difference, and if we can get a great product at a reasonable price AND contribute to charity or help the environment…  85% of consumers are willing to change their brand or consumption habits to make tomorrow’s world a better place (Edelman Global PR). Be a more socially conscious company AND appeal to your audience.

Get a personality. 

“The Cardinal Sin in marketing: Being boring.” -Perry Marshall

Give your business a persona that people can relate to. Social media has made this easier than ever. We are… the moms at playtime, the guys from the pub, the family down the street, the helpful neighbor, etc etc. Research reveals that consumers perceive the same type of personality characteristics in brands as they do in other people (Psychology Today). And just like with people, they are attracted more to some personality types than others – attractions which are emotion based, not rational. Use images, colors, phrases, even fonts that will subtly make your customers feel like you understand them and what they want. Post blogs and social media that are from a person or that have personality. By giving your business a persona that appeals to your target audience, you are appealing to the emotional buyer that lives in each of us. 

Make them feel special.

Plato Quote
We all want to be part of an elite group, part of the clique, accepted. Try using member clubs, exclusive deals for Fans / Subscribers / Customers; ‘Savings just for YOU’. For example, emails that are personalized have higher open and click-through rates. Let your customers know you care about them by creating special deals just for them, sending them a personalized message, or having exclusive deals just for people in a ‘Club’ (frequent buyers’ club, membership club, etc.), or social media deals. 

Don't underestimate the power of emotion for consumers. Use that emotion to help your audience make a decision. 

What are you thoughts on how emotion plays a role in sales? Share them below!

 By Lindsey Winsemius.  Lindsey is the Vice President of Communications for ApogeeINVENT, and is the social media voice and blogger for the company. Follow her on Twitter or connect with her on Google+