CRM Best Practices

by Lindsey Winsemius - Posted 9 years ago

Customer relationship management (CRM) software is becoming a necessary part of today’s digital enterprise.

So you've found a CRM that works for your business. Perhaps you've been using one for a long time, or you’re new to the software. 

Make sure the software you have chosen has the essential features for today's digital world. Then ask the question:

How can you use the CRM most effectively?

Follow these 6 CRM best practices:

1) Use it every day. 

It will only be beneficial if you use it regularly.

2) Make sure everyone understands ALL the features available. 

Don’t miss out on some great system capabilities just because you don’t understand how it works.

3) Use it in a consistent manner. 

For example, be sure you are defining the tags you use to label your contacts so everyone uses the correct tags. Make sure everyone who uses the system is on the same page. This is the best way to ensure proper communication between marketing and sales.

4) Set goals. 

How many people do you want to view your emails? How many people should you follow up with, and how frequently? Setting measurable goals will make it easier to stay on track. Then use reports to track these goals to measure efficiency, and tweak your sales and marketing strategy accordingly.

5) Keep it secure. 

Make sure everyone who needs access to the system has a secure password, understands the importance of privacy, and has appropriate access according to their user-type (ie Admin, User, Customer). 

6) Segment your audience. 

By filling each profile out as completely as possible, you should be able to better segment your audience. This in turn will make it easier to target the different groups within your audience. 

You should be able to segment your audience by demographics, where they are in the sales cycle, and even things like whether or not they read your emails. A potential customer that has read all the emails you have sent out is much more likely to be interested in your pitch than someone who has unsubscribed from your mailing list. Being able to identify these types of customers and their “temperature” will help you focus on the people most likely to become and remain a customer.

Do you have other best practices to add? Share them below! Learn more about ApogeeINVENT CRM that is available in all of our software systems.