5 Critical Tips for Better Copy

by Lindsey Winsemius - Posted 7 years ago

Want to write better copy for your website, your blog, emails, or other content? 

Multimedia content is getting a lot of hype, but words are still the most powerful tool you have to communicate with your customers. How well does your copy communicate with your customers? You might be killing your own conversions without realizing it. 

Below are ways you can avoid conversion-killing errors and create better copy.

Don’t let images do all the talking.

Images might be worth a thousand words, but what if it’s not the thousand words you wanted to say? Images can send different messages to different people. Don’t forget the power of WORDS paired with the right images to share your story. Images should be used to enhance your text whenever possible, but not to replace your text.

URGENT! Inject urgency – now, quick, while supplies last!

Even the most compelling content might not convert into a sale if users think they can come back later to finish. We are all procrastinators, particularly in the very distracting environment of the web. Don’t let your visitors leave; they might not return! Tell them why they need to act right now.  Amazon has an amazing way of encouraging me to click submit by telling me I can get my product within 2 day if I hit submit within the next few seconds. As the clock ticks, I feel a huge sense of urgency to click submit to get my product sooner.

Speak the language of the customer, not the company.

It is easy to get so familiar with our own industry, we don’t realize our customers aren't as immersed in industry jargon and acronyms as we are. I catch myself making this mistake quite often. My world revolves around SEO, meta data, conversion, databases, CRM, CMS… you get the point. Your world might not revolve around digital marketing terms like mine does. Speak the language of your customer so they understand how YOU are going to benefit THEM. Never assume your audience is going to understand the jargon you use internally, particularly if it is company-specific references to products or services.

Explain any necessary acronyms, buzz words, and jargon every time you use them to avoid confusing and alienating your audience.


Evoke emotions.

I've talked before about the emotional side of buying. Emotion drives many of our decisions. Even when we know the RIGHT choice, we tend to make the choice that feels best emotionally. Statistics and facts play a role in your customer’s buying decision, but emotion will seal the deal.

What are ways to use emotion to increase conversions?

- People buy from companies that have shared values.
- People buy from companies that have a good story to tell.
- People buy from companies that are doing good.
- People buy from companies out of guilt (for receiving something for free, like the advice you are reading now).
- People buy because a product makes their lives easier or better.
- People buy because everyone else is, and they want to fit in.
- People buy because something is exclusive and they want to stand out.

Find out what drives your target audience and write your copy to appeal to those emotions.

There is no WE in copy.

Just like dating, marketing has certain rules. Like, don’t talk about yourself. But how can you promote your company and products without talking about yourself?

Easy. Talk about your customer.

“We have some of the best marketing software on the web” should be “Marketing tools to simplify your life.”

It’s not about you. It is about your customer- focus on communicating how your product fills the wants and needs of your customers and less on how amazing your company is. Your audience is interested in learning how you’re going to help them fill a need, and the sooner you can tell them that, the better your chances of making a sale.

What bothers you the most about copy you see on the Web? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Thanks to Brian Lewis of Site Tuners for sharing They Said What?! which inspired this article.