NEWS: New Technology Breakthrough

by Lindsey Winsemius - Posted 8 months ago

You may have heard about our CryptoComics venture. I have been talking about it lately because we are on the verge of creating something that was never before possible. Our idea was that blockchain can be applied to the publishing industry as a way to track digital copies of comic books, creating value for each digital copy in a way that was never possible before; making each digital issue collectible.

Like any new technology concept, the theory behind CryptoComics – the idea of publishing comic books on the blockchain – was merely a theory we have been working on for over a year.

The idea was Joe’s, and since he first proposed it to the eComicz team in 2017, he has been working on what is called a Smart Contract. Honestly, I had to Google that myself. A smart contract is a computer protocol intended to digitally facilitate, verify, or enforce the negotiation or performance of a contract. Smart contracts allow the performance of credible transactions without third parties.

You don’t need to know a lot about blockchain technology to understand that this is something that has never been done before. No one has ever attempted to apply blockchain technology to the publishing industry. Until now.

Because this has never been attempted, while Apogee was confident it could work, it was still just a theory.

Last week, after a few all-nighters, Joe was able to complete the contract and test it on the real life Ropsten test network. You can imagine our exhilaration – and relief – when the test was a success!

The untested theory behind the revolutionary business model we have been building for the past few years is proven.

Beta Version 1.1.6 is now launched on the live Mainnet. This is the blockchain protocol which is fully developed and deployed where transactions are being broadcasted, verified, and recorded. The smart contract still has a lot more work to be done before the final production version that will be used on the CryptoComics Marketplace, but to quote Joe “This working example is a milestone and a demonstration that our theory is, in fact, possible.”

New Technology: Blockchain publishing

What does this smart contract do for comic book publishing?

What we are attempting to do is allowing everyone in the comic book industry to sell DIGITAL USED COMIC BOOKS. Comic book creators can publish their comic books and the blockchain allows each individual issue to be tracked throughout sales and resales, paying the original creator every time the book is resold, as well as allowing readers to sell the digital books they’ve read. It makes digital comic books collectible, merging the benefits of print with the ease of access and affordability digital.

New Technology Blockchain Publishing and Social Community

This has never been attempted, and Joe’s recent real life test proves that this is possible.

Imagine the possibilities.

Want to see the CryptoComics Marketplace? It is currently by invite-only, and you can request an invite here.