How to Get Mobile Friendly Today!

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2012 is being called the Year of Mobile, and by 2013, it is estimated that more people will be accessing the Internet from mobile devices than from traditional computers!

This Whitepaper Will Teach You

  • Why it's so important to be mobile ready. Learn the facts about mobile marketing and advertising
  • What your options are. What does a mobile website have that your website doesn't?
  • How to optimize your current website. What is the best way to change your website to create an engaging experience for the 73% of people who shop from their phone?
  • Mobile SEO. Learn the new rules for mobile search engine optimization.
  • How to use mobile marketing for your business. How can you tailor your marketing to mobile users? There are techniques you can use RIGHT NOW to market to the massive mobile audience.
  • What technologies to use. Learn how to use QR codes, Microsoft tags, mobile advertising campaigns, responsive web design, and mobile email marketing.