Auto Dealer Ecommerce - Accept Online Payments

by Lindsey Winsemius - Posted 6 years ago

Why auto dealers should accept online payments. 

It’s no longer enough to have Buy Here Pay Here options – auto buyers also want to Buy Online Pay Online. 

Why you should accept online payments:

1) Better Customer Experience. Customers will appreciate the convenience of making quick and easy payments online. They might appreciate it so much that they will buy from you again in the future.

2) Get paid now. Delinquent payments are bad for cash flow. Why not make it easy for your customers to pay on time? It is easier for them and better for you.

3) Beat the competition. According to NADA stats, only 7% of dealers accept payments. Get an edge on the competition by offering an incentive to buy from your dealership.

4) Fulfill customer expectations. Customers are becoming more accustomed to buying online – even big purchases. The industry is seeing a shift towards auto ecommerce. Get in on the trend early and become an established ecommerce dealership by accepting online payments. 

5) It’s safe, easy, and affordable for you. With services like iPayAuto, all transaction security, hosting, and servers are managed for you.

The world is moving more and more online – and the auto industry is no exception. Customers research, search, and might even purchase a car online 

According to Hitwise, eBay Motors is the second most-visited ecommerce site, with 12 million unique visitors monthly. (The most-visited ecommerce site is eBay itself.) Today, eBay Motors is selling a car every 52 seconds. That growth is based on eBay’s understanding of online shopping behavior and how to overcome customer fears of making a high-ticket transaction on the Internet. The ease of finding a car, and paying for it, from your own home is the reason eBay Motors has seen such huge success. 

How can your dealership offer the same convenience? 

Most dealers might not be ready to follow Tesla and GM by attempting to sell cars directly online. But you CAN accept online loan payments.

Accepting payments online is no longer an added benefit dealers offer their buyers – it is becoming an expectation of buyers. Three out of 4 dealers let their buyers fill out financial information online, but less than 10% accept actual payments online. That is why we created iPayAuto.

Stand out from the competition – accept online payments directly from your website through iPayAuto. Get Paid Now!

How Auto Dealers Get Paid: iPayAuto

Benefits of iPayAuto for Dealers:

  1. Accept online payments from any device!
  2. Affordable ecommerce option for every dealership.
  3. PCI Compliant software gives extra security.
  4. Customers can save account profiles for even quicker payments.
  5. Managing payments is easy.
  6. Unlimited transactions.
  7. Prices as low as $99 / month.

Learn more about, loved by top dealers including Chris Martin, President of the NIADA. has helped our business accept payments online, and it has been a very quick and easy process. I would recommend iPayAuto to anyone who wants to take payments online! - Chris Martin

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