New Video Software NIADA.TV

by Lindsey Winsemius - Posted 8 years ago

We are excited about the recent launch of our video streaming software for the National Independent Auto Dealer Association (NIADA), NIADA.TV.

We gave the national association’s streaming software a complete overhaul. Not only do they have a fresh new design, the behind-the-scenes stuff is pretty neat, too. Dare we say radical?

What kind of radical new features does the software offer the NIADA?

Video, of course. Now the platform offers a complete archive system of all past NIADA videos that is easy to manage, and all hosted on the proprietary platform.

Live Streaming. Viewers can now participate in events like the recent NIADA Convention in Las Vegas through live streaming, which our platform made possible.

Display ads and click-tracking. What platform would be complete without a way to display advertisements by sponsors, and track the clicks on each ad? 

The NIADA can now share multimedia information and expand the reach of their sponsors through our radical technology. And everything is tracked and reported through their dashboard.

Visit the NIADA.TV site to learn more about the association and the valuable services they offer dealers. Want to know more about our radical video technology? Contact us and we’ll be happy to tell you all about it.