Client Spotlight: Clients doing good

by Lindsey Winsemius - Posted 8 years ago

Client Spotlight

We're proud to provide software for clients doing good.

As we begin a new year, we wanted to thank everyone who was part of ApogeeINVENT in 2015. We appreciate our clients and subscribers who trust us to provide software, design, and marketing tips. Not on our subscriber list? Click Free Tips in the top right corner to sign up for our weekly digital marketing tips!

We like to share marketing tips and our company information with you because we’re so excited about digital marketing and the really cool stuff going on at ApogeeINVENT.

But we also get excited about the amazing things our clients are up to! Seeing the achievements of our clients reminds us why we work so hard each day on our software and design. We want to share some of the most recent amazing clients for whom we’ve been privileged to be technology providers:

Million Mom Movement by Purium: Making Healthy Cool

This is a movement we are so thrilled to be a part of! The health of our children is a priority to every parent. Purium is providing health products and support to parents who want to give their children the best, healthy start to their lives.

We’ve provided Purium with the website platform and advanced marketing technology to help their members be healthy and make money through Purium’s top-rated products.

Green Kids Club

Teaching our kids to be aware of their impact on the environment from an early age is essential to keeping our planet healthy. That is why we love to be the technology provider for authors of Green Kids Club books, which offer books and products that help kids understand their impact on the environment and what they can do to help. These children’s books feature spectacular illustrations and a fun but important story for children. 

Market Access Direct

We are proud to be the technology partner for insurance marketing provider Margaret Audet. She helps thousands of insurance agents better service their clients and market their businesses through our technology. As one of the longest users of our TitanTeambuilder system, she and her extraordinary team has played a crucial role in the continual improvement of our CRM and Marketing system.

Market Access Direct Example

Chorus Supernatural

Treating our bodies right is important. That means using natural, chemical free products. Quality products that are all-natural? Who wouldn’t be excited about it? We certainly are!

Chorus Supernatural Example

US Unlocked

US Unlocked is making access to online shopping easier than ever for overseas consumers.  Great for US businesses, and for consumers worldwide. This ingenious solution was created by entrepreneur and owner Linda Hemerick. As one of our long-term clients, we want to specially thank Linda for letting us serve her technology needs for so many years. 


This great company of fellow marketers works closely with automakers and auto agencies to present their cars in the most spectacular way possible. One of my favorite events was the Driveshop First Annual Pine Block Charity Invitational. As a rising Inc 5000 company, Driveshop has coordinated display and performance events for Mercedes-Benz, Chevrolet, Mazda, Ram, and other car companies around the nation. 

Nature’s Synergy

Creating great products and a company culture that emphasizes mental, financial, and physical health is what makes Nature’s Synergy such a great business to work with. We’re so excited to be part of the evolution of this business!

Agora Advantage

Agora brings together businesses in a type of referral network that results in lower product and service prices for businesses, and the potential for referral payouts. This is a great way for businesses to find trusted merchants and also be able to earn residual income as a member of the Marketplace. We’ve enjoyed working with Agora, and helping businesses succeed is one of our shared goals. A great team, and a great opportunity.

Agora Advantage Example


Affinity24 is a merchant processing solution that emphasizes security and good customer service, two things we get really excited about here at ApogeeINVENT! 

Affinity 24 Example

Prosperity Alliance

Prosperity Alliance was created to bring together entrepreneurs and help them learn how to continue growing as a businessperson, and also connect them with a network of others. We are very excited about the future of Prosperity Alliance and its members.

IPayAuto Dealers

We’ve also launched and are now selling our online payment software for auto dealers, and have made some great relationships with independent auto dealers around the nation. Some of these clients include E-Z Auto, Avondale Auto Center, Crossroads Auto Mall, Discovery Auto Sales, Miami Car Credit, and many more! We’ve been working in the auto industry for years with our partner and client Auto Search Technologies (AST), and are so excited about this latest offering to the industry, and the great dealership owners we’ve met.


Speaking of the auto industry, we are also very proud of the NIADA.TV software we’ve created for this great national association that serves the independent auto industry. We’ve been privileged to work with the NIADA for several years, and have enjoyed the events they host and working closely with their great team.


Thanks to all our clients, those listed here and all others, for a great year. We look forward to successful relationships in 2016!