10 DIY Video Marketing Tips

by Lindsey Winsemius - Posted 6 years ago

Have you heard about the value of video marketing? 

Do you think it isn’t for your business because it sounds too expensive or too technical? 

Here are some ways you can create your own videos and start benefiting from the large number of consumers who prefer videos over other content.

10 DIY Video Marketing Tips:

1. Get started now.

Nearly everyone these days has a smartphone. And smartphones come with video recording capabilities. Grab your smartphone and a colleague, and shoot a how-to video related to your industry. Do you run a landscaping company? Shoot a short session showing how to prune, plant, or when to turn your sprinklers on (I am still not sure of the answer to that, but I’d like to know!) How-to videos are great ways to build your brand and your reputation as an expert and reach new audiences. Want better quality videos? You can purchase a camera with HD recording capabilities for a few hundred bucks.

2.  Write a script.

Worried about what to say or stumbling over words? Try writing out a script before shooting your video. It is ok to deviate from the script, but having a script or at least a solid outline will keep you from rambling or using filler words like “um”.

3.  Tell a story.

Your video, even if it is only a few minutes, should tell a story. What are the elements of a good story? There’s an introduction, conflict, climax, and resolution. If you leave out any of these crucial parts, you’re left with a collection of sentences that have been smashed together for no apparent reason. If there isn’t any tension in the story, viewers will lose interest. Keep them watching by writing an entertaining or compelling story.

4.  Aim for authenticity over perfection.

Videos are a great way to personalize your brand. Rather than worrying overmuch about your lighting and overthinking the script, just be natural. If you can crack some jokes, go for humor. If you’re more comfortable being serious or professional, go that route. Genuine passion about your business and industry will connect with viewers more than an over-polished script or expensive equipment.

5.  Don’t make it just about your products or business.

We talked about using informational videos to reach an audience. If you’re making videos about your business or products, keep in mind the viewer. Make your videos about the customer. Show people using and enjoying your product or service, and address any barriers to purchase.

6. Use visuals.

It might seem redundant to say “use visuals” in a visual medium like video. But just talking at your viewers isn’t going to be as effective as showing them. Show them how to do it, how it works, people loving or interacting with your product / service, or just use pop overs or other simple editing tricks to grab attention. Make sure what you’re talking about it obvious and clearly explained to the average viewer who isn’t familiar with your industry.

7. Include a call to action.

Info and entertainment in your videos is great, but don’t forget to tell the viewer what action you’d like them to take. Perhaps you can direct them to where they can order a free a sample, sign up for your newsletter to get more tips, or where they can save money on a product or service featured. Don’t fade to black. Tell them what to do next.

8. Put your content everywhere.

Don’t just post your video on YouTube or your website. Post it on both. And then share it on Facebook, Twitter, and any other platforms you’re active. Encourage your colleagues to engage in the video to increase its visibility.

The great thing about videos on social media is that they are often playing, which helps grab the attention of your followers before they even hit "play".

9. Think outside the box.

The video box, that is. Putting a video viewer on your website is great, but don’t limit yourself. Consider using streaming technology in other areas, such as hosting a Google hangout, Facebook Live (like Dwight in the video below, talking to one of our clients), or another emerging platform to get your message to viewers.

10. Pick a great title and thumbnail.

Just like you judge a book by its title and cover, the same applies to videos. Think about what people are going to be searching for, and make sure your title includes those keywords. Consider using hashtags in the title. The image that represents your video is also important, so choose a good one. This is the only thing many viewers will see before they decide to click, so make it as compelling as possible.

The important thing is to try it. Your first video might not be perfectly polished, but the important thing is that you're getting your message out there. And as you try it, you'll see what works and what doesn't, and you can keep improving. Don't miss out on potential sales because you neglect a marketing channel. Try video marketing right now!

Douglas Reynolds 5 years ago
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