Schedule Social Media for the week Right Now

by Lindsey Winsemius - Posted 5 years ago

Set up social media posts for the next week in 20 minutes or less.

Social media posting can drain your precious time. The best way to protect your time while ensuring your social media accounts aren’t being neglected is to schedule ahead.

Step 1: Pick a scheduling service. 

I like Social Champ. It is only $10 a month for a business account, which fits most small business’ needs. Hootsuite is another popular option.

Step 2: Create a posting schedule. 

Mine looks something like this:

  • Monday: Humor meme
  • Tuesday: Blog
  • Wednesday: Promotion
  • Thursday: Video
  • Friday: Quote / Inspiration
  • Saturday: Company info / insider peak
  • Sunday: Shared content

Step 3: Find content for your schedule.

The secret here is to re-purpose content already created, either by you or others. Find older blogs to re-share, pick a few great quotes or humor on Pinterest, and grab one of those product videos you created. (Haven’t created any videos for your company? Get started with our DIY Video Marketing Tips.)

Step 4: Save all the content in a folder or spreadsheet.

Step 5: Schedule the posts at the most desirable time. 

According to one study, Facebook posts get most engagement between ten and midnight. This may vary by social media service or industry, so try different post times each week / month and check your engagement results.

You’ve now got your social media marketing out of the way for the week! Repeat this weekly, or start scheduling months in advance using the same 5 steps.