Client Spotlight on Dezurve

by Lindsey Winsemius - Posted 7 years ago

Dezurve: Identify Lawyers who Deserve your BD Training Dollars

Business Development Training Content

Congratulations to our long-time client Mike O-Horo on the recent launch of business development training platform!

Dezurve Launch: Learning Software

We love working with Mike, a brilliant and talented lawyer entrepreneur who is always challenging our team to provide the best (and some of the fastest) work in the industry. All joking aside, Mike's latest project involved some truly ingenious ideas that we are so thrilled to see in action.

Dezurve is a custom Learning Management System (LMS) and content library, meant to track the education and personal development of lawyers within a law firm. 

The proprietary software we built for Dezurve will allow law firms to give their lawyers access to training tools at a low cost, and observe the progress and abilities of each lawyer, determining which ones are better suited for their firm and more deserving of future investment by the firm for for continuing education and partner opportunities. 

Dezure's Content Contributors can post various articles/videos/various multimedia to their firm's back office, then even create a quiz for the user to complete once the article/piece of media has been consumed. These results feed into the Firm's Dashboard for quick, at a glance metric review of the firm's lawyers who are using the system. (All data pictured below is test data only.)

The development team utilized a folder system to organize the articles/multimedia so users have a familiar feel to the interface. Once a user opens a folder, the system delivers the content in a sleek, modern and clean manner (with the Quiz delivered right below the content). 

With Dezurve, Law Firm Administrators are now able to offer educational opportunities to their lawyer staff in a simple yet effective and powerful tracking platform. This custom platform answers the question "who 'dezurves' increased opportunity within our firm, and who doesn't".

Dwight, our company socialite (and lots of other important things, too), represented us at the Dezurve launch party.  Thanks, Mike, for being such a fantastic client and choosing us to turn your great idea into 'the best development ever in business development training'.

“I just want you to know that I appreciate your effort, skill, commitment, and professionalism. Dezurve looks great on the desktop, tablet, and phone.” Mike O’horo

Learn more about Dezurve on the company website, or contact us with any questions!ent