MLM Video Marketing Tips

by Lindsey Winsemius - Posted 4 years ago

Video Marketing for MLMs

Whether you’re launching an MLM startup or your business has been around for some time, you’re probably aware that staying on the cutting-edge of marketing trends is a must for your industry.

And what is one of the biggest marketing trends for this year (and the past 2 years)?

Yup, you’ve guessed it: Video.

There are several ways MLM businesses can capitalize on the video trend. Even if you’re not ready to jump in front of the camera yourself, or invest a lot of cash on a professional service, you can still jump on the video marketing bandwagon.

The best ways you can use video for your network marketing business:

Create product showcases.

People using products is hugely popular on YouTube. My kids will watch other kids playing with toys for hours (I don’t get it, but it’s true). Consider sending your products to a vlogger to test out on their video blog. If you sell a virtual product, find a relevant blogger and give them a free trial to test your product and create a video of their results. User-generated content (UGC) is gold, and the investment is well worth the reward in this case.

You can create your own product showcases in several other ways. Demo your products yourself or being used by your own team and then include a scripted voice over of the benefits and uses. If you’re not using a professional video service, really emphasize the amateur-quality of the video by talking casually and really relating to the viewer. Sometimes the amateur affect can make your video appear more authentic, and therefore, more trustworthy.

Another way is to use a free video-making service or app like Quik (for your mobile device) or Lumen5 (which easily turns blogs into videos with word overlay). 

Go Live

If you’re like me, going Live on Facebook or Instagram is way outside of your comfort zone. However, people spend 3Xs longer watching live videos than prerecorded videos, so you might want to step outside of your comfort zone and give it a try.

A few other benefits of using live video on social channels?

Live videos rank higher organically than other posts. For example, Facebook tends to notify your audience when you go live, and you can go live as your Page OR your personal account, and then share across your other channels.

Live videos are fast and free. You don’t have to worry about fancy equipment, apps, or editing. Live video is just what it says: Live, with all the shaky footage and unfiltered background noise viewers expect and love. So grab your phone or have a seat in front of your laptop camera and hit Go Live.

People trust live footage. We’ve all become major skeptics thanks to the internet and photoshop. But we are much more trustworthy of live video, because it is harder to fake. Live videos have an inherent amount of trust built in, so if you really want to connect with your audience on a personal level, this is a great way to do it.

Produce Informational Videos

We’ve all been there. Stuck trying to figure something new out. Then, you look it up on YouTube. Sure enough, someone has thoughtfully recorded a video showing you how to disconnect the kitchen drain to recover your weeping child’s tooth to be safely stowed beneath their pillow that night (Yes, I've been there).

Informational videos are a great way to build your brand and earn the gratitude of viewers. You might not be an expert on fixing drains, but I am willing to bet as an MLM professional, you know your share of marketing tips. Record your screen while you show viewers how to perform marketing tasks, create bullet points with video and images like the example I shared below, or have a colleague record you (or go live!) while you talk and show examples.

Watch the short 10 DIY Video Marketing Tips below to get some tips on creating great videos yourself.

Showcase your company culture.

Pulling back the curtain and letting people go behind the scenes at your business is a  great way to build trust in customers and attract new members to your team.

This might be difficult for certain types of businesses that purely Internet-based, but you can still highlight people who work for you, and what they love about being part of your business. 

Ask your best salespeople to record themselves answering a few questions you’ve put together, such as why they work for your business or what they love about your business. Then put them all together with some music, a few stock photos or stock footage, and you have a great representation of your business to others.

The benefit of showcasing the internal workings of your business? It is one of the best ways to build trust in future distributors or potential customers. Remember, people want to buy from people, not from brands, even on the Internet.

Use Video on Your Website

Video Headers

I usually caution too much stock footage, since it can have the downside of making your business too generic. However, using short and relevant video footage on your website is as great way to catch a visitor’s attention and keep it while they scan the page, bringing them back to the header (which will hopefully contain your call-to-action). If possible, use the footage to subconsciously encourage thew viewer to take the action you want them to. 

Really want to make your website memorable? Commission some footage to be create for your site that is origin and beautiful, like this example. Investing in a beautiful website is never a bad choice. 

Video Intro

Using video to introduce your business can be a unique and eye-catching way to grab a visitor’s attention and earn their trust. This would be a great place to utilize a showcase video that highlights your company culture, or even a simple word-based video like the one on Apogee’s homepage.

Leverage the SEO power of YouTube

Make sure you have a YouTube channel to display all these new, great videos you’ve created. Uploading your videos to YouTube will have the added bonus of making them easy to find in searches and allowing people to subscribe to your channel and receive notices of new videos.

Already have a YouTube Channel? Try these YouTube hacks to boost video views.

Ready to grab your phone and start recording? Share your video links in the comments below and I'll help spread the word by sharing them on our TitanMLM social accounts. Or, ask your questions and share your opinions.