A Heartfelt Thank You, Stan Lee

by Andrew Frey - Posted 6 months ago

We at ApogeeINVENT & CryptoComics are truly heartbroken. We’ve shared our stories of meeting Stan, and his ability to speak to you individually as an old friend. While sadness fills our hearts, I felt it important to share a thank you to all he’s done. 

Today we mourn the loss of a man who has touched the hearts of many with his stories. He has taught us responsibility through characters like Spider-Man and Iron Man. Taught us family values through the Fantastic Four. Helped us to believe in equality through the X-men. And shown us to believe in ourselves, with his own personal story of determination. 

Stan opened up not only an entire boundless universe of characters, but an alternate reality for any of us as well. 

I know that I speak on behalf of our entire team.

As a kid, my future was forever changed when I bought a book, How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way by John Buscema and Stan Lee. It was John Buscema’s techniques, with Stan’s writing and instruction from that book, that lead to me eventually finding myself seeking a career in art. I never went on to become a great comic artist, however it did start the interest that I hold dear to my heart, that other artists and writers just might also make a difference if given the opportunity. That perhaps, helping my team create the avenue for that goal, was my own calling.

We true believers, collectors, and creators, honor you tonight Mr.Lee. And thank you. 


May you live forever in the stories you have told. 'Nuff Said

-Andrew Frey / Creative Director 

Joe Frazier 6 months ago
He was such a hero to so many of us. Rest in Peace Stan