Tech News for Businesses: May 28

by Lindsey Winsemius - Posted 5 years ago

What news is important to your business in digital marketing and technology?

Last week was a quiet one for tech announcements, but Google has several updates you should be aware of:

Google Ads introduces new bidding strategies.

Tech News: Google Ad updates

Over 70% of Google Ads advertisers are now utilizing some form of automated bidding, including Smart Bidding. But for those users who want more control, Google Ads has added Campaign-level conversion settings, seasonality adjustments for things like one-time promotions, maximize conversion value option, and conversion value rules that will allow you to optimize campaigns based on values like location, device, and audience.

If you use Google Ads, it might be a good time to check your campaigns and see if you can optimize your bidding and get more for your money.

What else has Google been up to?

The tech company announced upcoming changes to mobile search results.

Tech News: Mobile search results

Now, results pages will highlight the content source (like your business name) and logo or "favicon" (the tiny icon that represents your website. It sounds like this is the beginning of more results changes that will allow users to interact more on the search results page without visiting a website.

Keeping your website's meta data current is a great first step in controlling how your page will look in search results. 

Crytptocurrency is back in the news.

Facebook plans to launch their own cryptocurrency GlobalCoin next year.

Tech News: Facebook GlobalCoin

You could soon be able to pay with digital currency on the platform, bypassing banks and making international payments easier. 

If Facebook is successful in introducing GlobalCoin, it will be another step closer to helping web users build trust and acceptance in digital currencies based on blockchain technology. We are convinced digital currencies will have an important role in the future of ecommerce, but exactly how is still being determined.

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