Creative Ways to Market your MLM through Storytelling

by Lindsey Winsemius - Posted 4 years ago

Storytelling is a top trend in marketing, and many brands are using it to forge deeper connections with their audience.

Telling the story of your brand is the key to enticing new members to your business, and attracting customers to your products.

How can you use storytelling to attract more people to your MLM business? 

Tell your company’s story through trusted sources.

Do you have high-performing leaders in your organization? Encourage them to tell their story of success. 

Don’t expect people to trust your brand; they want to hear a compelling story of individuals  that represent your brand. Highlighting the success of your distributors will attract more recruits. Highlighting the positive experience of your customers will attract more customers.

You can also find influencers in your industry – popular MLM bloggers, for example – to share your story. Industry influencers have spent the time required to build a large audience that trusts them. 

Leveraging that trust will give you access to a larger audience, and also help pass that trust along to your brand.

Turn your customers/recruits into heroes.

The hero’s journey is a popular storytelling archetype that has been around since humankind first began telling stories. You can find this pattern in early myths and legends, as well as in modern movies. 

Storytelling and MLMs: Heros Journey

How can you make your customers or recruits into heroes?

Create a story in which they are facing a difficulty that only can be overcome by joining your business. And while they may have difficulties along the way, with the help of your business, they overcome these obstacles and can return home a hero (successful, independent).

By making the story about your audience, it will connect with them emotionally and show them how your business will change their life for the better.

Use emotion to make a connection.

What kind of stories connect the best with your audience? Ones that make an emotional connection.

Imagine your MLM sells face cream. Now, an advertising videos shows the cream bottle, talks about how  great the value is and how the cream has won awards and is being used by hundreds of women all over the world.

Not very inspiring, is it?

Now picture a video of a woman who has skin she is unhappy with. She’s ashamed and embarrassed. She’s missing events and avoiding pictures with the family because of her skin. Then, she finds this great skin cream by your business. She uses it. Now, she’s with her family, taking smiling photographs. She’s having a great time with friends, and she’s never been happier or more confident.

Storytelling in Marketing for MLMs

THAT is making an emotional connection through a story. The customer is a hero, and you used the emotions of shame and embarrassment to first connect with your audience, and then show them how they can overcome those negative emotions to feel happy and confident.

Memorable stories are unexpected yet relevant.

Want to make sure your audience really remembers your brand? Tell a story that is unexpected, yet still relevant to them. 

For example, this Gieco video shows the dog jumping on the table and eating the dinner while the actors are frozen in place. Humorous, very unexpected, yet still relevant to the brand’s message of how “quick” it is to save money on their insurance (less time than the commercial takes, which is why they’re frozen while the dog can then eat the food.)

How to tell your story.

Storytelling through your Website

The design of your website should instantly give visitors the right first impression of your brand. Colors, fonts, imagery, videos… all this can be used tell the story you want visitors to know about your brand.

Storytelling through your Blog

A corporate blog can be a place to tell your businesses’ story. But make sure your corporate blog has a personal angle, since readers tend to trust individuals over brands. 

Use your blog to build personal brands of company representatives, or to share individual stories of your customers, such as case studies. 

Sotrytelling through Video

Videos are one of the best way to connect emotionally with your audience and tell your brand’s story.

Create a compelling YouTube channel, Vimeo, or Wistia presence. Create videos that people will want to watch and share, then put them on social media on your website.

Storytelling with Influencers

Let other people tell your story. As I mentioned above, leverage the power of influencers in your industry to tell your company story. 

You can also encourage your customers to share their story of how your company has impacted their life.

Dwight does this at events by asking our customers to record a quick video testimonial. These testimonials are quick and unscripted, taken on his iPhone. This helps to show their authenticity and are a great way to let our happy customers tell their personal experience with our business.

Get creative with your Storytelling

Find unique ways to tell your story that fit your audience and brand persona.

For example, our company CryptoComics, a marketplace for comic book collectors and creators and buy, sell, and publish comic books, uses comic strips to tell their story. 

Don’t be afraid to try something new and stand out from the crowd.


In today's digital world, storytelling is one of the best ways to connect with your audience and recruit leaders to your business. Show people how your story could change their life, and help them create their own story worth sharing!

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