ApogeeINVENT at FanX

by Lindsey Winsemius - Posted 4 years ago

Several of our team members attended FanX Fall in Salt Lake City to represent our business CryptoComics.

You might recall we announced the Beta Launch of CryptoComics earlier this year. FanX is one of the top ComicCons in the region, and a great place to meet up with creators and collectors to talk about our exciting new platform.

Joe, Dwight, AndrewF, and David joined with our partners Jared and Matt to represent CryptoComics at the convention.

I, of course, was stuck in my office as auxiliary marketing support. But even through the computer, the excitement of the team was infectious and I was thrilled to see them getting such a positive response to our latest venture.

We had a double booth in 1006 & 1008. It was a great location. Sitting just outside the artist alley, it was a great spot. One side of the booth, the team had a few tables set up. On the first table, a bunch of computers and tablets to show off all our hard work on the system. The tablets were open to a variety of comic books already on the Crypto Comic Marketplace. Visitors could see what the system was all about and try it out for themselves. We also had a laptop set up to allow other comic addicts to sign up for a personal invite into the system. 

And of course, the giveaways. What is an event without giveaways?

The guys set out some dice and let visitors roll to see what they won. 

What kind of stuff did we giveaway? 

One of our brilliant creators GypsyLeif had several paintings of space. She was kind enough to add our mascot; Bob to her paintings. She gave us thousands of various prints and signed them all. We also had bookmarks from David Lillie and his Dreamkeeper Comic. Jemma Young chipped in and gave us some amazing intros for her new comic Temerity. We had shirts galore. The art of Chad Hardin, Jemma Young, David Lillie, Jonathan Hewlett, Star Cross Comics, Relics Comics, last but not least one of the OG comic creators Ken landau. 

FanX Giveaway with CryptoComics

Promoting the creators that are part of our early closed beta launch was an important part of the event. We can’t say enough how much we appreciate them taking time to offer their feedback on the platform, and helping to shape how CryptoComics will impact the comic book community. Connecting indie creators with collectors is the goal of our venture, and we loved doing just that at the convention.

We also wanted to have a little fun, so we set up a green screen for cosplayers, collectors, and creators to take a photo and we add in some backgrounds for them. 

Read more about CryptoComics and why we’ve undertaken this massive project together as a company.

Then head over to the website and request an invite, or follow their Facebook page to stay updated on new developments (and suffer AndrewF’s warped sense of humor).

Andrew Frey ApogeeINVENT at FanX

Overall, the event was a huge success and the team came back invigorated and more excited than ever about the opportunity before us.