The Best Gift: Helping Kids Grow Up Green

by Lindsey Winsemius - Posted 4 years ago

We have a lot of amazing clients with great stories to tell. They are dedicated entrepreneurs that are helping people become healthier, solving problems, and innovating their industry.

I love sharing the stories of the people and businesses we work with. Since it is almost Christmas, I thought I would share a story that is particularly moving to me, since preserving the environment is a cause that inspires me. And, this particular client's story also includes a fabulous gift idea!

The Gift of Growing up Green

Green Kids Club was started by Sylvia Medina. When she had twins, Sylvia became aware that she truly wanted her children to grow up with an environmental conscience and to understand the basics of environmental stewardship. With this in mind, she developed the Green Kids Club concept, which would help her children, as well as other children around the world, learn early environmental habits that they could share with others.

The Green Kids club is a place for kids to learn about real issues around the world, and how they can make a difference. It includes interactive games, coloring pages, books, and “tasks” that help them become better stewards in their community.

Green Kids Club is helping kids not only be aware of environmental issues, but provides a solution in a fun and interesting way.

Real Stories of Change

My kids love the books written by Sylvia, based on real stories.  Little Moyo is based on a true story of a young black rhinoceros who lost his mother to poachers, but found his way to a rhino sanctuary. 

Molelo the Fire Elephant is about a small baby elephant called Molelo, who had been injured in a bush fire and rescued by Elephants Without Borders, an organization Sylvia and the GKC actively support. You can see Sylvia below reading with Molelo.

Molelo's Story: Green Kids Club Gift Idea

Giving Back

The Green Kids Club recently donated 100 copies of Leave Some Forest for the Rest of Us! (recently awarded a 2019 Family Choice Award) and 200 copies of Princess (recently awarded a 2019 Creative Child Book of the Year Award), to the Orang Utan Republik Foundation (OURF). 

Dr. Gary Shapiro, the foundation's president, has been handing out these books to local schools and organizations to raise awareness of the orangutan's plight. A significant portion of our proceeds from these books will go to support OURF and their efforts.

Great Gift Idea: Green Kids Club Books

If you’re looking for a gift idea that can also help a child learn how to become part of a solution in a positive way, visit the Green Kids Club website. I know the children in your life will love the books and characters as much as my kids do, and it feels good to become a small part of an important cause.

Learn more about Sylvia and what she is doing on the Green Kids Club website, or follow GKC on social media:

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Thanks to the Green Kids Clubs for letting us play a small role in furthering this cause, and Helping Kids Grow up Green!