Taking the Leap into 2020

by Lindsey Winsemius - Posted 5 months ago

What a fantastic year this has been! 

We are working more closely than ever with our subsidiary Auto Search Technologies, and are very proud of the new platform AutoSTRADA that was launched early in the year. Built on an entirely new framework, AutoSTRADA was built for the brave new world of the mobile web. Chris Jackson has done an excellent job guiding that development, and overseeing its implementation for hundreds of auto dealerships around the United States. 

The project was so successful, we are using the same framework to present a new product replacing our MarketingWebsite, called ApogeeSITES, in 2020. Chris will also be leading that project and take small business owner websites into the modern, mobile web. 

Another major project here was partnering with eComicz to create CryptoComics, a revolutionary application of blockchain in the comic book publishing industry. Still in private beta launch, we have hundreds of Creators and Fans actively testing the platform to get it ready for full launch sometime in 2020. 

We are so appreciative of these Creators and industry enthusiasts for working with us to turn this dream into a reality. This project has also been a lot of fun (maybe too much fun), and we are so excited about where it will take us in 2020.

We are also very thankful for the many clients that we are privileged to work with each day. I love hearing their stories, and knowing that Apogee has played a small role in turning their amazing concepts into a reality. I continue to be amazed at the creatively beautiful designs we build under the leadership of Andrew Frey, our Creative Director, and the truly inventive software features that become a reality under the direction of our CTO Andrew Lovelace and Chief Engineer Jon Agbayani. 

Kevin Cunningham and our hard-working Account Managers do a great job managing the day-to-day details on these complex projects, and I've heard many clients share their appreciation for Kevin and the AM team. On a personal note, when I really need something to happen, all I need to do is go to Kevin, and I know it will be accomplished with alacrity and efficiency.

"This year has passed by so quickly. We are so appreciative of the clients who have chosen us, and trusted us with their visions for their businesses. We have had quite a variety of projects this year, and enjoy the challenges each new client brings to the table. Building CryptoComics.com and the latest platform for AST are our biggest accomplishments this year for sure. Our move towards productization has become a central focus for us, and will continue to be a priority in 2020. Chris Jackson deserves much of the recognition for marshaling that shift. I look forward to improving our product brands, growing our partner businesses, and continuing to serve our many great clients in the coming year." 
Joseph Frazier, CEO & Founder