New Software For Auto Dealers: VirtualDealer

by Lindsey Winsemius - Posted 3 years ago

Introducing new auto dealer software that allows dealership to sell cars online!

VirtualDealer is a product created for our subsidiary VehiclesNetwork (formerly Auto Search Technologies). The dealership software allows used car dealerships to turn their car website into an "ecommerce" site for selling used cars.

VirtualDealer is the only dealership software that allows used car dealerships to offer their consumers the ability to go through the entire car buying process entirely online.

As online car shopping has become increasingly popular over the past few years, we've been planning this new product. When the pandemic shut down many dealerships over the United States, including our clients, we knew they needed a solution fast. We worked tirelessly to develop this new software product that will allow consumers to buy and trade-in vehicles from the safety of their own homes.

What is VirtualDealer?

VirtualDealership online car buying software

VirtualDealer is the first ever auto dealer software that allows used car dealerships to sell cars online through a secure, step-by-step process that car buyers will love. Auto dealers can customize the process the fit their specific business model, we will set up the design to match their branding right on their website, and they will have access to the VirtualDealer through their website dashboard. Extra security measures like 2-step verification and logging access to secure documents keeps your dealership, and the consumers, safe and secure.

The customer can be instantly pre-approved without any damage to their credit score.  Optional features like trade-ins, financing, and more are all part of this amazingly simple yet powerful online car buying experience.

VirtualDealer online car buying software

If you're a used car dealership, learn more about VirtualDealer here.

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