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Using Website Content Pages to Build SEO

by Lindsey Winsemius 06/25/2024

Getting more people to your website is always on the mind of small business owners. Today I want to talk about one of the ways you can get more customers to your website using content pages.

I recently talked about website trends that becoming popular in 2022. One of those trends is single page websites.

While you can include a lot of information in a long web page, it still is difficult to include all the search terms to help boost the search optimization of your website.

Should you avoid using a single page website?

No, I think this style has a lot of advantages.

Single page websites are great for mobile users

Part of what is driving this trend is the increasing adoption of mobile browsing. For years, people access the internet via mobile browsers more often than desktop. 

It is much easier to scroll down a long page than to click amongst navigation that must be opened each time. 

Single page websites get to the point

Most consumers are overwhelmed by the content they are exposed to every day online. From news feeds to search results, they are constantly being fed millions of pieces of content every day that must be sifted and sorted in their minds.

Having a simple, one page website that forces your content writers to summarize everything into neat headers and short sections is very appealing to consumers.

Learn more about how to build a great homepage for your website.

Now that we’ve made the case for a one page website, how can you then add more content for search optimization purposes?

How to add more website content


The first and most obvious choice is to add a blog to your single page website. This fresh, relevant information has many benefits. The first is that you can use key terms to help more customers find your website. It also makes you an authority figure in your industry, and builds trust in visitors when they see you have an active, well updated blog.

The truth is, not all small businesses have the time to keep a blog updated.

Some can outsource blogging to companies like ours, that offer content packages to small businesses looking to improve their search optimization (SEO). But that isn’t always an option either.

Another way for small businesses to improve the SEO on their website is to create Content Pages.

These are pages on your website that include lots of keyword-rich content relevant to your industry.

How to Create Great Content Pages

Product pages are content pages.

If you’re choosing to sell products on your website, having a page dedicated to each product is an ideal way to boost your website’s search engine optimization. 

As people search for that product or descriptions of your product, they are more likely to come across your website through your product listing.

Our company VehiclesNetwork uses content pages to boost SEO for local searches. One key element is the vehicle listing pages that come standard with the website package for each auto dealership client. Each listing page is a powerful content page full of key terms that people searching the Internet for a particular vehicle will quickly come across.

How can you build great product pages?

- Include professional images with ALT tags. A picture is worth a thousand words. And ALT tags, which are hidden in the site’s code and are only visible to search engines, help describe that picture for SEO purposes.

- Write detailed product descriptions. This is a great place to include plenty of key words that people are searching for, as well as increase the appeal of your product.

- Include product reviews whenever possible. This is great content, and it is new content, which search engines love.

Information Content Pages

It is much easier to rank high in search engines when you optimize for local content. For example, use the name of your city, county, or region when talking about your business. 

To boost the SEO for our client Washington Town Center, we worked with them to create great informational content pages.

One page talks about the town their business is located in, which is great to bring in more local searchers. 

Creating great content pages example

Information content pages are like blog pages, but are included under their own navigation on the website. This allows you to create content when you want to, without the burden of regularly adding to a blog.

These content pages are always available to visitors. They will boost searches of our website, as well as keeping website visitors on your website longer.

What are some examples of information content pages?

Location or Local Information Page

Including local information will help visitors find your business in local searches. 

Great website content pages example

Frequently Asked Questions Page

Answer visitor’s questions while improving your search optimization. FAQs are generally full of industry key terms, and terms specific to your business.

Website content pages FAQs example

Services Pages

Pages that describe your services or include general industry information help your business look knowledgeable, helpful, and also bring more website visitors.

website content pages example

Glossary or Industry Information Pages

These are great ways to help your visitors understand your business, while also bringing more visitors to your website.

Website content glossary page example

The Internet continues to grow every day. As of Mar 21, 2022, there were currently over 1.93 billion websites online. That is some stiff competition. But don’t get discouraged. By creating local-optimized content and being willing to engage your customers through your website or on your social media channels, you can have a successful website.

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