Why Gratitude is Good for your Business

by Lindsey Winsemius - Posted 5 years ago

[Updated 11/17/2020]

For the past 2 years since I first posted this article, I've been updating it and resharing. It is one of my favorites, because I think we could all use a reminder to be more grateful. 

It is so much easier to focus on what is going wrong than it is to celebrate what is going right. This year, I think it is particularly important for us as business leaders to take a step back from the stress and worry and be grateful for things like hard-working employees, brand ambassadors, and partners.

What is one trait highly successful people have in common? I'm sure you can guess: A positive attitude. 

Part of having a positive attitude is recognizing what is going well in your life. 

Gratitude is important, not just for our own health and well-being, but for our business. 

Sometimes it helps to be reminded to take a few minutes to pause and reflect on how much we have to be grateful for. It isn’t just good for you. It is good for everyone around you, too. 

Gratitude can be contagious. Go spread some!

How a positive attitude can improve your business.

1. Positive attitudes make teams more productive.

When employees look forward to the work day, it will make them more productive. It will also help them talk about your business positively after hours, which goes a long way in brand-building. You want your employees to be your biggest brand ambassadors, and by fostering an environment of gratitude and positivity, you are making that possible.

At the end of our weekly marketing meeting each week, my boss Joe tells me how much he appreciates my work and usually has some other positive things to say. This small amount verbal validation is sometimes just what I need when I’m feeling frustrated with bugs in the software or low numbers on my campaigns that can be discouraging. His thoughtful words make me feel re-energized to continue plugging away until the next meeting. Thanks, Joe, for making me feel appreciated!

2. Say “please” and “thank-you” with sincerity.

Remember when you learned to say please in pre-school? The words are just as magical now as they were as a toddler. You set the tone for your employees, and in relationships with clients / customers. Basic manners shows respect, and everyone wants to feel appreciated and respected by colleagues and business contacts.

My co-worker Kevin frequently ends his emails with the phrase “we appreciate you” and encourages our account managers to do the same. It seemed a little disingenuous to me the first time I read it on an email to a client, but I have to admit, when I get an email from Kevin and he tells me “Thanks Lindsey, I appreciate you,” it really does make me feel warm and appreciated. Because I know Kevin really means it, and he is spreading his positive attitude to those around him.

Thanks Kevin, for always being so eager to help and so positive about any task, no matter how daunting!

3. Be humble.

Don’t call your business a “team” if you aren’t going to be a team player. That means giving everyone credit for successes, and taking part in owning a failure. A study by Glassdoor reports 81% of employees are motivated to work harder when their boss shows appreciation for their work. The majority of those polled also said they’re likely to stay at a job longer when they feel appreciated. 

There is a time and a place for calling people out on their mistakes or achievements, but make sure you’re not just rewarding the leaders (including yourself). People perform better when they feel validated and appreciated.

Appreciate your employees

4. Show trust.

Trust your customers. Sure, everyone is out for a great deal and hoping for a discount, but if a customer says something wasn’t right, fix it for them without an argument. This is the best way to retain customers and build brand ambassadors.

Trust your employees. You can show trust in employees in a number of ways; by letting them work from home, by not questioning a reasonable number of sick days, or by giving them additional responsibilities. And, backing them up in front of clients. You should always stand behind your employees, and find a balance between pleasing customers and respecting the people who work for you. The customer might always be right, but that doesn’t mean you should let anyone abuse your employees. By standing up for them, or not throwing them under the bus, you are showing them how much you appreciate them and their hard work.

5. Lead by example.

You can show others how to successfully use gratitude to improve their work environment, their relationships, and their health. How?

According to Dr. Robert A. Emmons, there are three stages to a gratitude practice:

Recognizing what you’re grateful for: You’ve got some great co-workers

Acknowledging it – Tell yourself, even when you’re frustrated, “My co-workers a good people.”

Appreciating it – Act on it! Let your co-workers know how much you appreciate them.

It’s called a gratitude “practice” for a reason—it takes practice. While being grateful may not be something we’re naturally prone to do, it’s a habit well worth developing. With a few tweaks to your daily routine, you, your team members, and your business can enjoy the many benefits of gratitude.

Our CMO Dwight Calwhite started a Facebook Group focused on acknowledging gratitude. Dwight does an awesome job being grateful and fostering a positive work environment at ApogeeINVENT. Thanks for leading by example, Dwight!

We appreciate our clients for being part of the ApogeeINVENT family. Thank you for trusting us to be your software provider, and allowing us to play a small part in your business success.

What are you grateful for right now? Share your gratitude below!

Rae-Lynn Weaver 6 years ago
I am grateful for a great work environment, expanded knowledge, endless opportunities and uplifting and dedicated teammates that I get to work with every day! “Be mindful. Be grateful. Be positive. Be true. Be kind.” ? Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart
Chris 6 years ago
I'm grateful to live in a world of endless possibilities surrounded by hyper-passionate, motivated and like-minded business professionals!
Joe 6 years ago
I'm grateful for a hard working, motivated, incredibly intelligent bunch of people to work with every day which, of course, includes both our team and our amazing clients.