Why use Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing isn't new. You might already be using affiliates to help sell your products and grow your brand! 

What's new are the marketing tools and better tracking available to grow your business even more with affiliates. The right affiliate software can make launching, growing, and managing your business easier and more effective.

But what is the “right” affiliate software?

The right affiliate software will have all the necessary features to help your business succeed. 
From attracting new affiliates, making sales easy, and managing affiliate commissions, your software should do it all from one easy dashboard.

What should you look for in your affiliate marketing software?

Answering all your Affiliate Marketing Software Questions:

Can affiliates be onboarded automatically?

Affiliates like things quick and easy so they can focus on making money by promoting products or services. 

The easier and faster you can make the sign up process, the more likely you are to attract affiliates. TitanAffiliate makes sign up simple and efficient, and most importantly, secure for all new affiliates.

Can you set drip email campaigns to entice leads to become affiliates?

Attracting affiliates is an important part of successful affiliate management software. Drip emails - emails that are set up to automatically send every few days or weeks - are a great way to entice affiliates to join your business. 

Drip emails can also be set up for onboarded affiliates to offer selling incentives, education or tips to current affiliates, and numerous other things. These email autoresponders are great ways to grow and encourage your affiliate base without any extra work for you.

What kind of automation is available to help affiliates?

Affiliates can also benefit from access to the same marketing automation that admins use to attract new affiliates, including links with tracking tags for landing pages, email, CRM, and more.

Are tags and labels automatically assigned to new leads and affiliates?

Tracking and sorting leads based on performance, engagement, products they sell, industry type, and other demographics or behavior is important to rewarding your best affiliates and offering incentives to low performers. 

TitanAffiliate has advanced sorting and tagging that can be set up based on these crucial factors.

What kind of help is available to new affiliates?

Investing in your affiliates is one of the best ways to grow your business and increase sales. 

Set up automatic emails to send to affiliates, encouraging them and helping them know what steps to take next once they've become part of your business.

TitanAffiliate can also include our ApogeeAcademy Learning Management Software so you can give your affiliates the best possible chance at success. Train them on your products and business, include selling tips, and how-tos on how to best use the software and marketing tools provided.

Can I assign my affiliates to different levels?

All affiliates are not created equal. This is why having the option of assigning your affiliates to different levels is so important.  

Give your more active affiliates the best leads or the highest commissions, while encouraging your less successful affiliates to visit your training system for a little help.
If you can set this up to automate the process, even better! 

Find out what your options are when it comes to assigning commissions and leads to your affiliates, and managing them easily from your Admin Dashboard.

Does the affiliate software integrate with my fulfillment, accounting, and other software?

No one likes to use multiple logins and dashboards for their business. And exporting data can become a huge headache. One dashboard with all the reports, views, and management isn’t just a convenience, it’s a necessity.

Find out now if our software is compatible with your favorite services. We have integrated with hundreds of providers over the years, and chances are good we have already or can easily integrate with what you need.

Can I customize the software?

There are times when cookie-cutter solutions might not be best for your business. Having a software provider with the willingness and ability to customize the affiliate tracking software if needed can be a huge benefit.

Need a specific kind of report? Have unique payout options? 

Customizing the software to fit your specific needs isn’t something many companies are willing to do. But you also don’t want to pay a developer to build your software from scratch. That can be costly, time consuming, and leave you with more problems than solutions.

We can take your Affiliate Software product and customize it to fit your unique business model. Our team is eager to take on any new challenge presented by clients. Just tell us what you need, and we will create the blueprint.

What kind of support and training do you offer?

Most affiliate tracking systems have features and reports that need a bit of training for your team. 

Knowing how accessible your software team is AFTER the sale is final is very important to your success as a business using your affiliate software. Find a service that stays with you and is ready to help with any issues day 1 and day 101.

Customer support is our top priority. We offer full training on our affiliate tracking and marketing software to your team, and continue to support you as long as you’re using our platform. 

Your personal account manager will be available by phone, email, or Skype for any questions or issues you may have following the completion of your affiliate software project.

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