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Competing in today’s competitive digital world is a challenge. 

Here are a few of the challenges we have undertaken to solve for our auto dealer clients:
Search Engine Optimization
Ranking your dealership at the top of search engine results is a bigger challenge today than ever. 

We know this is a top priority for many of our clients, and we’ve spent a decade creating a system that gives auto dealers top rankings on the search engines for both their dealership website and for their inventory.

What is our secret? Without giving away our secret sauce, we can tell you a little about how we create the perfect ranking formula:
Loading Speed
Search engines are making loading speed one of the top factors for ranking. You need a website that loads quickly to compete, which is why all our websites are created to optimize speed. The industry recommendation is 2 seconds or less for mobile, and under 6 seconds for desktop.
We connect and create legitimate inbound links to your site that give it more domain authority. 

This brings more organic traffic to your site as well as telling the search engines your website and inventory pages are places users want to visit.
Auto-populated Inventory pages.
We help you populate your inventory pages with detailed descripts and images that help your ranking and keep you competitive.
Meta Data and Tags.
We write the meta data and tags for each client using a tested formula that has helped our clients rank at the top of the search engines for years.

What is meta data? These are tags written into the source code of the site that helps search engines know how to display search results and explain what content is contained in your website. You can also use the Meta Data to tell search engines where you are located to rank higher in local search results.
Regular Updates
We keep our software updated to stay relevant as search engines are continually changing their algorithms and the internet continues to evolve.

With the growing use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and voice search, these are all search optimization challenges we’ve faced head on.
Professional Design
Not all businesses are ready to jump on the Do-it-yourself design bandwagon. Using a website builder can be time-consuming and can cost businesses leads they cannot afford to lose. 

That’s why we design a website that is not only beautiful, but is optimized for conversions and search
Don’t waste your time messing with a website builder when you can get a high performance SEO marketing engine with a beautiful design. 

Ask us about NO MONTHLY FEES for your SEO website and start getting more leads right away!
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