Their Idea

Reach more businesses and better serve their current business members with an updated website and business listing.

The American Falls Chamber of Commerce needed a website upgrade that would make their association more accessible on all devices, and would help attract new business members. MarketingWebsite was the perfect solution to enhance their virtual presence.

The COC also needed a way to list their members, and manage these members to help with their networking efforts. They were looking for a custom solution to fit their needs.

MarketingWebsite with a custom membership listing gives the Chamber of Commerce a beautiful, accessible virtual presence on every device, as well as making it easier to promote and encourage networking for their current members.

Our Software

The design of this website was created to capture the essence of the local area the Chamber of Commerce represents. From including historical images to art from local photographers, the website was designed around the local community and to highlight its members.

Every product we sell includes a mobile-first design built upon the latest mobile framework encouraged by Google and all major search engines. This ensures that the website looks great, is easy to read, and action is easy to take from all devices. It also helps improve the user experience and optimizes the page for loading speed.

American Falls Chamber of Commerce Responsive Website Design
American Falls Chamber of Commerce Website Dashboard Example


The website dashboard includes all the tools needed to keep the website updated, stay in touch with members, and easily attract and add new members. A contact manager helps keep track of members, a calendar makes it easy to schedule and share events, and a built-in email system makes email automation simple and effective.


A feature unique to the American Falls Chamber of Commerce site is the membership directory. Website administrators can easily add new business listings, sort and categorize them, and select whether or not they should appear for website visitors on the business listing page.


A better way to connect with members.

The new Chamber of Commerce website allows the Chamber to attract more members, stay connected and help members network, and inform the local community of events and how to support local businesses.

Learn more about the American Falls Chamber of Commerce by visiting the live website.

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