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Building your brand

Consumers are forming first impressions RIGHT NOW of your business online. Professionally designed branding matters.

What is your web design telling potential customers?

When we use the term Web Design, it means more than just the simple creation of a website.

For us, web design encompasses a broad spectrum of work: logo design, landing pages, UX / UI design, dashboards, and more. All branding must be cohesive, on and offline.

The website is the cornerstone of all web-based marketing efforts. It is the face of your business on the internet. And the internet is typically where most potential customers are going to form their initial impressions of your business.

A great web design = a great first impression by consumers.

You need an online presence your audience will love.

How to connect with your audience:

  • Use emotion in your site design
  • Optimize loading speed
  • Meet user expectations for functionality
  • Designs that work on all devices
  • Follow industry standards

Emotion Matters

Making an emotional connection through your branding is the secret to online success. 

We combine science and art to design the perfect web-based branding for you.

The right images, text, font, colors, and layouts all work together to connect with your audience on an emotional level.

Website Load Speed

How quickly your website loads is one of the most crucial factors for users, and should also be for you, the owner of the website. We spend a considerable amount of time and effort learning and testing ways to optimize loading speeds for both computers and mobile devices.

The right images, layouts, coding, and much more plays a role in affecting the overall load speed of a website. We hold our sites to very stringent standards, because we know the user experience is important to you, and load speed will help your website rank better.

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Balancing beauty and expectations

Every industry has standards and expectations for websites. Knowing what those industry standards are is the first step in being able to properly connect with your audience.

We believe having an original website is crucial to making an impact, but it's always necessary to balance originality with expectations. Users expect certain functionality, certain locations for navigation, buttons, and forms. When designers abandon these expectations, they are risking the user experience.

A great web design must stand out from the crowd, but also abide by industry standards and expectations of the target audience of end users.

Psychology of Design

Understanding users and how they think and act is important to designing a beautifully functioning website. 

What elements influence users' opinions?

  • Type and placement of images 
  • layout
  • navigation
  • buttons
  • colors 
  • font choices 
  • header text
 All these factors and more combine to either connect with the target audience or alienate them. 

A great designer understands the importance of choosing the elements that not only look beautiful but will make an emotional connection with users and inspire them to take action.

We continually review studies on conversion optimization, the psychology of color and imagery, and eye-tracking studies that help our designers better understand how users will think and act on your webpages.

Responsive Design

We know mobile design is a priority for website owners. Creating a cohesive experience across all devices is crucial for a website to be successful. 

What is the best way to create a mobile-friendly website? Responsive design. Responsive designs automatically resize images, text, and layouts to fit the screen size of the user.

It might sound simple, but a designer must understand the differences between users on desktops versus users on tablets or smartphones. 

Clicking, scrolling, what images or headers appear first, pop ups and interstitials… These features will affect users differently across devices, and choosing how to structure a responsive website to optimize for both mobile and desktop users is both art and science.

We use the latest the responsive framework, called Bootstrap 4, to build the best responsive websites possible for the modern web.

Bringing it all together

A true professional designer will design a website using science and art. Load speed, technology, coding, art, and psychology all play important roles in the end product users will see.

For all our custom projects, we make sure each element is carefully considered. And once a project is live, we are able to make tweaks and changes to keep it functioning and beautiful for our clients. 

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