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Engineering Software

Product Engineering is the process of innovating, designing, developing, testing, and deploying a software product.

We can help with all stages of taking your idea and turning it into a functioning product that your end users will love. 

How does our product engineering process work?

Step 1: IDEA

You’ve got a great concept. 

We’ll consult with you and offer our expertise on the best way to take the concept and turn it into reality. 

If you think you’re ready to move forward with your idea, we’ll get started on the second step of the product engineering process:


Now you’ll be assigned an Account Manager, who will become your main point of contact and your best friend during the rest of this process. 

You’ll also be assigned a Project Manager, and a combination of software engineers and designers so your project is both functional and beautiful.

We’ll help you flesh out your idea into individual engineering items. Each basic functionality will be carefully described and itemized.

After you’re happy with the list of features with detailed descriptions of functionality, we will assign an hourly quote to each item, as well as when each item can be completed in what we call a Gantt Chart, or timeline, for each item to be completed.

This will give you an idea of how much each item and feature will cost. At this time, you can decide if you want to remove certain features that might not be worth the expense, or set up a phase 1 and phase 2, (and so on) launch to manage time and money better.

Once the entire concept is carefully described and quoted, we move on the second part of the process:


Our development team will set up a test site where your project will be housed for the next two steps of this process. 

You and your team will be able to login and view the progress of our engineer and UI / UX design team as they work to create each item defined in the timeline. 

You and your team will have weekly meetings set up (and any additional meetings at your request) with our project team to go over the project, get updates, and clarify items.

You will be able to make tweaks and changes to each item as we work, since sometimes seeing something in the flesh might give you more ideas or change your opinion of a feature you thought you wanted.

For each requested change, we will update our feature list and make sure you approve the changes to estimated hours for your project. 

Our goal is to make this an exciting, positive experience for your team and ours.


Once all the features are built, we move into the testing phase of the project. The site is still a test site, but will function exactly as the live product will function once it is pushed live.

Our team will first do extensive testing of the site to make sure all features are working as intended.

You and your team can log in, try out everything, and receive training on all the features in the software product we’ve engineered for you.

Once you are happy that the software product is working the way it was intended and it does justice to your original vision, we are ready for the final state:


We will publish the site from our test server to the URL you’ve selected on a live site (or into the App store for Mobile Applications). We will continue to test once the software product is live to make sure everything is still working properly.

You can continue to receive testing on your site, and have access to your account manager at any time after your software product is live to answer questions, fix issues, or just remind you how to use certain features.

During this Beta Launch phase, as users begin accessing your software product, we can make tweaks if necessary and respond to your questions or concerns.

Continued Support

Your Account Manager will always be just a phone call / email / Skype message away for any concerns, questions, or additional help you need with your software product.

Support is our number one priority. We want you to know our team is always available to you, and keep you focused on your business, not stressing about your software.

If you have a great idea, talk to our Product Engineer consultants now. We’re in the business of turning great ideas into successful technology.

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