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Building a Company

Like Google, Facebook, and Twitter, we create cutting edge web software. But our solutions are tailored for your business! Our team is passionate about web development and committed to your success. Our team of 20+ educated professionals, located throughout the US, are committed to the continual study of website effectiveness. We foster a culture of creativity and customer support. Radically effective web software is in our blood, let us be your blood donor.

Our mission is to empower businesses everywhere with the best marketing tools on the web. We believe every business deserves the opportunity to compete - and succeed - on the Internet.

Why do we care so much if you succeed? Because of our philanthropic spirit? Our commitment to world peace and humanitarian deeds? Well, that too. Mostly, we want you to succeed because your success means we did something right. What is the point in building something that doesn't serve a purpose, and serve it beautifully?

Meet the Team

We are diverse - we have members of our team that represent different states, different time zones, and different specialties, degrees, and core strengths. But what we share is more important - our passion for innovation, unrelenting curiosity about the internet, unquenchable thirst for the latest industry information, and a commitment to success.

Joseph Frazier 

Joseph Frazier

I am... Chief Executive Officer, Company Founder, Computer Scientist, Entrepreneur, Internet Marketer, Family Guy.

My passion... is to understand and manipulate complex systems. I am adamantly involved in the research and application of several fields, including but not limited to: Web-based Software, Application Development, Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Robotics, Cryptography, Steganography, 3D Graphics, Game Theory, and of course Internet Marketing.

Nothing thrills me more... than the realization that we have accomplished something.

I graduated... from Idaho State University. I have 8 years of formal education in both business (Computer Information Systems) and engineering (Computer Science) related computing. I finished with far more credits than I needed, but I love learning and may have probably stayed a career student in a different life.

I am inspired by... the dreamers of dreams, those who are the movers and the shakers. People such as Carl Sagan, Alan Turing, Nicoli Tesla, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffett, and Grandpa Ralph.

You can find me... jogging with my dog along side me on a back road in American Falls Idaho.

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Dwight Calwhite 

Dwight Calwhite

I am... President & Chief Optimist. I have performed every position in ApogeeINVENT at some point in the last 7+ years. My tendency to be excited and enthusiastic about web technology has lead me to a role in sales and crafting our product development.

My passion... is having relationships with genuine, trustworthy, and friendly people. I also love learning about all aspects of information technology - from integrated circuits to packet switching.

Nothing thrills me more... than the marriage of bleeding edge software and modern design that goes into creating dynamic websites.

I graduated... from the University of Oregon with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Minor in Business, and an undying love for building fresh business websites.

I am inspired by... human culture and nature, and this is usually expressed through my love of photography, travel, festivals, outdoor adventures and just being mindful and appreciative of every precious moment!

You can find me... in Southern California at the beach or out on the town, perhaps enjoying a meal with partners or clients.

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Joseph Lavin 

Joseph Lavin

I am... Chief Information Officer and Project Manager.

My passion... for programming makes it much easier to work with and create a clear vision for our products and services.

Nothing thrills me more... than being able to work with a fantastic team of people I respect and admire.

I graduated... with a degree in Computer Information Systems and a minor in Studio Arts emphasis in Graphic Design from Humboldt State University.

I am inspired by... the fusion of systems and design. When everyone else chose business as a minor in my field, I studied Graphic Design to better understand interfaces and creating a beautiful website.

You can find me... surfing on a Southern California beach.

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Kevin Cunningham 

Kevin Cunningham

I am... the Sanity Savior. The Mediator. The Cheerleader. I make sure our clients are well-cared for, and projects are on task. That is just the beginning of what I do as the Vice President of Production.

My passion... is people. I succeed at what I do because I genuinely care about each client, each project, and each person on my team.

Nothing thrills me more... than being an integral part of the daily emergencies, problem solving, and successes at ApogeeINVENT. Each day comes with some emergency, but rather than being discouraged, I wake up in the morning eagerly anticipating conquering whatever challenge is thrown my way.

My education is... from the school of hard knocks. But seriously, I have 25+ years of experience in professional leadership roles, and 40+ years of life experience. You can’t get a degree in understanding people. You either do or you don’t. I do.

I am inspired by... art. I am an artist first and foremost, and always will be. Music is the forum of my art. I played professional for 15 years and I am currently an independent and unsigned solo artist.

You can find me... playing music in Post Falls, ID (although I lived in Santa Cruz, CA most of my life).

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Andrew Lovelace 

Andrew Lovelace

I am... an ApogeeINVENT Project Manager and a true Engineer, fascinated by creating the best solutions to problems. I’ve been with ApogeeINVENT since the beginning of my career.

My passion... is web applications, and I am lucky to have a flexible environment in which I can exercise my creativity.

Nothing thrills me more... than engineering. From engineering advanced software systems like media management, cascading codebase, and advertising campaign management, to my personal pursuits, such as physics engines and 3D applications. I enjoy process engineering and I'm currently working on setting up a 70 gallon biodiesel processor.

I graduated... in 2006 with a B.S. in Computer Science from Idaho State University.

I am inspired by... Solving problems. I know there is always a solution waiting, and the challenge lies in finding the best solution to fit the problem.

You can find me... spending time with my family or working at the corporate office in American Falls, ID.

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Lindsey Winsemius 

Lindsey Winsemius

I am... As the only non-nerd (excuse me, non computer scientist) on the management team, I try to play devil's advocate to my webbie counterparts. I find ideas, I share ideas, I tell the world who we are.

My passion... lies in communicating, socially and through the written word. Marketing is a natural extension.

Nothing thrills me more... than taking information from anywhere and everywhere and weaving a cohesive story that can entertain, educate, or move someone.

I graduated... with High Honors in Socializing (and I have BAs in Psychology and Anthropology) from Michigan State University.

I am inspired by... my husband. The world through his eyes is filled with limitless opportunity if one is willing to work hard, and every small task is another occasion to practice perfection.

You can find me... in Grand Haven, MI enjoying the Great Lakes with my husband and daughter.

Jon Agbayani 

Jon Agbayani

I am... the Chief Engineer and Problem Solver.

My passion... is in engineering, but also in art. Two disparate ends of the spectrum that combine to give me an edge in work and in life.

Nothing thrills me more... than a breaththrough to a problem.

I graduated... with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Hawai'i - Manoa.

I am inspired by... music. Music is a powerful force I'm driven by- it's my emotional outlet, it gives my life a little extra meaning, and is always a part of my daily life.

You can find me... in the Hawaiian Islands, enjoying life (and the envy of my contiguous coworkers).

Crystal Holder 

Crystal Holder

I am... one of the Account Managers here at Apogee. By keeping calm, organized, and patient, I can and will make sure we are running steadily and balanced.

My passions... are learning the challenging, doing the difficult, dreaming the impossible, and inspiring the young.

Nothing thrills me more... than to be out of my comfort zone and to try something different. I am always up for a challenge no matter what It may be.

I graduated... with a normal high school diploma but, top of my class. Began college at BSU, studing Nursing but, decided it just wasn't what I wanted. I've worked in various types of settings and have worked my way up in all of them. I know the meaning of hard work and dedication and I will continue to strive for more excellence in my self each and every day.

I am inspired by... my very amazing mother in law. Through her eyes there is so much love and hope. She is the foundation to our big family and keeps us all connected. She makes it a point to be positive, understanding, and supportive each and every day.

You can find me... Soaking up the sun, everyday if I could. Either it be out boating, camping, hiking, or just relaxing on the beach with my amazing friends.

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Nathan Mayes 

Nathan Mayes

I am... an account manager on the Apogee Team. I am the face of Apogee to the client, the face of the client to Apogee. Your wants are my wants. Your concerns are my concerns. Your dream come come true in a website is mine as well.

My passion... is getting results as fast as possible. I love to make people laugh, but when it comes to business, results and solutions are all that matters.

Nothing thrills me more... than filling a client request faster than they had time to pour a new cup of coffee. Apogee is the best place and people I have ever had the pleasure to work with, and when the client's mind is blown, it is just that many more points scored for the home team.

I graduated... with a GED. Not going to lie. But have spent my whole life working, most of the time 2 and 3 jobs at a time, since 15. I know business, hard work is in my blood, and I aim to impress no matter what I am doing.

I am inspired by... the best of the best. This company is filled to the brim with them.

You can find me... sitting by a camp fire, drinking a cold one and telling stories of days long gone.

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Philip Russell 

Philip Russell

I am... a lead software developer.

My passion... is also my biggest weakness. The desire to provide a nice user interface / functionality sometimes results in more time spent than expected.

Nothing thrills me more... than creating a good user experience. I don't have a specific area I prefer, just try to make sure the website is fun and easy to use.

My education is... from Edison College with a degree in Computer Science.

I am inspired by... Sci-Fi. I am a nerd and appreciate science fiction (and science fact, for that matter).

You can find me... enjoying the warmth of North Port, Florida with my wife and 2 kids.

Ben Johnson 

Ben Johnson

I am... all about efficiency. Software Engineering, to me, is about using what we know from other great thinkers and making things a little better, a little simpler, for an even better product.

My passion... comes from my thirst for information. I love everything, from astronomy to music. Except maybe horses. My wife loves horses, and I do my best not to fall off them.

Nothing thrills me more... than deciphering something complicated that was already built, and finding ways to make everyone's life just a little bit easier. The purpose of automation is simplify, not complicate.

I graduated... with a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science from Northern Michigan University.

I am inspired by... my wife. "Things change." - My wife, when I told her I thought she was still asleep. She has a way of putting a situation into perspective.

You can find me... in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Nelson Butterworth 

Nelson Butterworth

I am... the lead developer behind the software success of Auto Search Technologies, and contributor to numerous other projects.

My passion... lies in finding out why things work – I am not afraid to pick something apart to see how it works.

Nothing thrills me more... than tinkering. On new ideas for work, on my home network, or on the family cars (lots and lots of tinkering).

I graduated... with a Bachelors of Science in Information Technology from University of Phoenix Online.

I am inspired by... experiences. Having a family. Traveling. Sharing a birthday with my father, and fathering two amazing girls. I've been to the test site of the first atomic bomb, and took a flight in a restored World War 1 Navy biplane. Life is measured in moments; moments in experiences.

You can find me... in East Tennessee with my wife of 11+ years and two daughters. Probably tinkering. Definitely experiencing.

Jason Moniz 

Jason Moniz

I am... a computer scientist.

My passion... is in learning, and working at ApogeeINVENT means I can, and must, learn new things every day.

Nothing thrills me more... than gummy bears. That and web development. I love all kinds of website, although I seem to excel with database driven development.

I graduated... from the University of Hawaii at Hilo with a degree in Computer Science.

I am inspired by... the people around me - my family, friends, and coworkers.

You can find me... in Oregon, but I am originally from Hawaii.

Jillian Whitbeck 

Jillian Whitbeck

I am... a software engineer.

My passion... comes from the need to find the missing pieces to a solution and more importantly where the solution should go for reusability. Learning is also a strong a passion of mine and is the primary reason I chose computer science because someone told me it was like going to school every day since technology changes so fast.

Nothing thrills me more... than the moment of clarity achieved when I find a simpler and quicker way to solve something that had taken me more time in the past.

I graduated... in the summer of 2009 from Texas A&M University Corpus Christi with a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science with an emphasis on Systems Programming. I also picked up a minor in Mathematics.

I am inspired by... Grace Hopper who invented the first compiler and COBOL, which was one of the first programming languages to use a human's natural language.

You can find me... in the Coastal Bend of South Texas enjoying or abstaining from the heat in my home with my husband.

Scott Gahres 

Scott Gahres

I am... the creative genius behind projects such as US Unlocked, RXClub, and George Mendez. I develop solutions to everyday problems, so I guess that is why I am called a developer.

My passion... comes from my daily endeavor to reach the final prize, in whatever I am doing. "Obstacles are those frightful things that you see when you take your mind off your goal."

Nothing thrills me more... than PHP, MySQL, and jQuery. (Did I mention that I am a developer?)

I graduated... with a Bachelors of Science in Systems Analysis from Central Oregon Community College.

I am inspired by... faith. I am an aspiring Bhakta – in short, I am learning to make God smile.

You can find me... outside, mountain biking or raising Orchids, in beaitful Keaau, HI.

Dustin Hansen 

Dustin Hansen

I am... a Software Engineer and User Interface Designer.

My passion... stems from an insatiably inquisitive nature, and a desire to create fully functional, yet intuitive solutions for complex problems. Of course these solutions are also appropriate for generic, run of the mill problems too; it just doesn't sound as good on a T-shirt.

Nothing thrills me more... than the moment at which every thing snaps into place. Everyone's input is accounted for, all your obstacles overcome, every project goal achieved, and before you sits something you created; virtually out of nothing. Not only did you create it from works!

I graduated... from Idaho State University in 2008 with Associate of Science degrees in computer science in order to formalize my (then) nine years of experience in web design and software engineering. I have since gone back to teach several of those classes as an adjunct professor.

I am inspired by... every day things, and every day people, but also by science and the arts. There's something inherently amazing about knowing we are capable of launching spacecraft into space, hurtling towards the edge of the heliosphere. Achievements such as this help to remind me what we are capable of when given the opportunity.

You can find me... programming. If you're coming to find me, that's most likely the reason why. If I'm not programming, I'm playing xbox with my wife, building Lego games with my daughter, reading something like The Magic of Reality to both my kids, or simply enjoying the time I get to spend with my friends and family in or around Pocatello, Idaho.

Felipe Queiroz 

Felipe Queiroz

I am... a full stack software developer.

My passion... is in programming websites, microcontrollers, and designing circuits.

Nothing thrills me more... than creating something to free up my time.

My education is... hours spent in reading books, actively applying what I have learned, and making sure I'm better today than yesterday.

I am inspired by... people such as Jim Rohn and Steve Jobs.

You can find me... in Tampa Bay, FL

Shannon Slack 

Shannon Slack

I am... a flash guru and designer.

My passion... is in the movement of design. As Frank Zappa said, "Any composition (or improvisation) which remains consonant and 'regular' throughout is, for me, equivalent to watching a movie with only 'good guys' in it."

Nothing thrills me more... than the details. Paying extra attention to the details might take a little more time, but anything worthwhile is worth waiting for.

I graduated... with a BS in CIS from the University of Charleston.

I am inspired by... many things in the world around me, including music, art, and politics.

You can find me... in Charleston, WV where I've been lucky enough to spend much of my life.

Qing Zhao 

Qing Zhao

I am... a web designer experience in life, and loving the little things.

My passion... is being creative. Web Design, Graphic Design, Photo manipulation / photo retouching, and advertising all let me utilize my passion.

Nothing thrills me more... than a challenge. I wasn't really feeling challenged at my old position and wanted a role where I could mix something creative (graphic design) with something more technical (coding/markup).

I graduated... from Purdue with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Graphics Technology.

I am inspired by... scrapbooking (another outlet for my artistic side), listening to music and attending concerts, and bicycling. The one important thing I want to take away from my life experiences is to be happy in the little things.

You can find me... in Indianapolis, which is close to my hometown of Fishers, IN.

Andrew Frey 

Andrew Frey

I am... a graphic designer, specializing in the fields of corporate identity (logo) design, web design, print design and branding with the majority of my time spent designing and implementing marketing promotions for businesses such as logos, websites, letterhead, business cards, packaging and more.

My passion... is design. I've been a designer unprofessionally my entire life, and after years of everything else I listened to my wife and obtained my degree. Then I attacked Joe Frazier's phone enough that he either had to hire me, or get a restraining order. Luckily he liked my art enough to give me a chance.

Nothing thrills me more... than making information less boring by redefining value. It's the only job I can think of where I get to be both an engineer and an artist. There's an incredible, rigorous, technical element to it, which I like because you have to do very precise thinking. On the other hand, it has a wildly creative side where the boundaries of imagination are the only real limitation.

My education is... a Bachelor of Science in Visual Communication (Graphic Design Major) from Full Sail University of Winter Park, FL.

I am inspired by... art. Although most of my work is designed for clients, I do some personal work as well, mainly on acrylic and canvas.

You can find me... When I'm not keeping my hands busy and eyes staring into a computer screen you will find me putting my feet up and staring into the eyes of my wife, trying to make my feet move faster while spending time with my amazing three children, at the water's edge swearing I had just seen the largest fish in history, or listening to music. Maybe even all at once!

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Beto Paredes

Founding Partner, Business Development

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CEO Auto Search Technologies, Inc.

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Expert MLM Consultant

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Auto Search Technologies

Auto Search Technologies Inc. (AST) is a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and internet marketing company specializing in the automobile industry. With automobile dealership clients throughout North America, they know what dealers want and how to most effectively reach car buyers. From Buy Here Pay Here (BHPH) to franchise dealers to state associations, AST technologies has the knowledge and experience to drive web traffic and produce quality leads for their clients.

Global Payout

Global Payout is an International company headquartered in the U.S. and the U.K., that specializes in customized payment solutions for organizations worldwide. Our global network of banks and processing partners enable organizations to efficiently deploy a specific solution configured for them, to solve a single payment issue, or to meet an entire global payment requirement, through the modular solutions Global Payout has developed with its partners.

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