Our Team

“We are the music-makers; we are the dreamers of dreams.” 

This Arthur O'Shaughnessy poem is often quoted by ApogeeINVENT founder and CEO, Joe Frazier. It has become an anthem for our team to remember while we spend hours perfecting our code, tweaking designs, and crafting great content. 

We are building the dreams of our clients with software that is as intricate as it is beautiful. ApogeeINVENT has grown from a single man’s idea to an entire team of developers, designers, marketers. But the dream remains the same; we are taking great ideas and transforming them into living, working companies.

We are creating something where nothing existed. And in doing so… 
“… we are the movers and shakers Of the world for ever, it seems.”


Some quick facts about us

ApogeeINVENT is a team of software engineers, project managers, designers, account managers, and marketing professionals.

Our location: Anywhere with an Internet jack or wireless connection.

Our mission: To transform ideas into beautifully functioning software.

Our story: Launched in 2004 by Founder and CEO Joseph Frazier, ApogeeINVENT has grown to include dozens of passionate individuals. We represent different states, different time zones, and different specialties, degrees, and core strengths. But what we share is more important - our passion for innovation, unrelenting curiosity about the internet, unquenchable thirst for the latest industry information, and a commitment to success.

Over the years we’ve completed thousands of projects ranging in size, type, and industry. We’ve evolved along with the Internet, learning and growing and expanding.

We believe that people make a company, which is why our team and our clients always come first.

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