eCommerce and Online Sales

The world is becoming more digital with each passing year. If you want to stay competitive, you need to give your customers ecommerce options.

We understand each business and industry has different requirements for their ecommerce store. From virtual single offers to a vast array of products, we know ecommerce.

A landscaping company might only need payment processing tools so customers can easily pay online for their services. 

A skin care line might want a complete online shopping suite with marketing automation to attract customers, beautifully display products, and create a simple, secure checkout process for purchasing.

From an efficient payment processing solution to powerful ecommerce shopping suite, we’ve got the scalable solutions you need to take your business to the online world.

Attract new customers.
Making more sales starts with helping more customers find your business. 

ApogeeCART comes with marketing tools and is search engine optimized so you can attract more customers to your online store.
Beautiful Website
Unlike many ecommerce solutions, we don’t expect you to design your own website. We use our years of experience to create a beautiful, conversion-optimized website for your business.

Already have a website you love? We’ll create a shopping cart with your brand’s look and feel to integrate with current site to give customers a seamless experience.
Content Marketing
Content marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to drive more traffic to your website. 

84% of people expect brands to create content, but younger generations are anti-ads. In a world inundated with advertising, informative or interesting content is the key to breaking through the noise and reaching a jaded audience.

Our content system allows you to create and post multi-media content that will attract customers and make your brand a thought-leader.

Search Engine Optimization
SEO is more complex and competitive than ever. 

ApogeeCART makes updating and maintaining your meta data simple. 

Don’t know what meta data is? That’s ok; the advanced SEO system can also be set to automatically update as your content is changed or added.
Social Sharing Tools
No website would be complete without proper social sharing. 

Get the word out about your products and business by encouraging sharing of your content with built-in social sharing tools.
Email Marketing Automation
Email still has the highest ROI of any marketing medium. Email marketing has moved beyond a simple newsletter or promotions.

Automated features like drip emails with upsells, cart abandonment follow up, and personalization are all key ways businesses are maximizing their sales through email.

ApogeeCART comes with built in email so you don’t have to use other services to set up your email automation. 

Forget multiple logins and CRMs. Manage your marketing from one dashboard. 
Optimized Product Display
A beautifully designed website and product pages will keep your customers browsing longer. A secure, efficient check-out process will keep them from getting frustrated and leaving your site.

Create unlimited categories, products, images, and other product features to best display your products online.

Choose from upsell options and featured products for seasonal offers.

Personalized, timely content and a well-functioning website is the key to turning visitors into customers.
Order Management and Fulfillment
ApogeeCART simplifies all those pesky details like reviewing and organizing orders, fulfilling orders, and shipping them. Do it yourself or choose to integrate with a third party. 

You can even manage bookkeeping through the shopping cart, give refunds, set shipping and tax rates, and many more daily details. 

The more efficient you are, the happier your customers will be.
Marketing Automation
Retain more customers with automated marketing like follow up emails, upsells, birthday offers, and other personalized features. 

Your system works hard behind the scenes so you can focus on running your business.
Customer Support
Give your customers a positive experience with an effective customer support module.

A complete CRM makes organizing, viewing, and managing customers simple, no matter what size your business is.

Sort and segment your customers, contact them quickly by email or phone, and make changes to their customer and billing profiles.
Safe and Secure Transactions
Customers care about the safety of their personal information. ApogeeCART has been tested and passed all Payment Card Industry standards with safe data encryption, secure processing and checkout.

You can rest easy knowing we’ve jumped through all the hoops to keep your customers safe and your software meets all the latest industry standards.
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