Email Deployment

What are your biggest challenges when it comes to email marketing?

Finding time to email?

Building a mailing list?

Fitting email into your marketing budget?

All of the above?

We’ve faced these challenges ourselves. So we built our own solution that our clients can benefit from.

Now, each of our software products come with integrated email system created specifically for your needs.

Here is how our email marketing system solves your problems:

Email is quick and efficient
You can set up email campaigns directly from your CRM. Just select the contact(s) or list(s) you want to email, and use a pre-built template or create your own directly in easy-to-use editor.

We will even help you set up automated emails that will trigger by your customer’s actions, so you don’t have to do anything! 

And the best part about automated emails like welcome emails or follow up emails? They have the highest open rate of any kind of email, so you will be building better relationships with your customers without even lifting a finger.

How easy is that?
Building a mailing list
Oh yeah. We’ve been there. You want to use email marketing for your business because you’re told it can be very effective.

But your list doesn’t grow. 

We’ve built software to help grow your mailing list.
  • Conversion optimized landing pages.
  • Search engine optimized blog and website software.
  • Custom forms that auto populate to the CRM.
  • Social sharing features to spread the word about your list.
If you’re not ready for one of our software products or just want to use our email marketing system independently, follow our blog for more tips on how to build your mailing list on a budget.

Speaking of budget….

Email marketing that fits your budget
We work with a lot of small or medium businesses that operate on a strict budget. We understand you need to prioritize. That is why we’ve created our systems to be effective AND affordable.

With Postal Parrot, you don’t pay a monthly fee. You only pay for the number of subscribers you’re actually emailing. That means you can keep as big of a list as you want without having to pay for it each month.

I’ve got even better news. If you’re ready to use one of our many great marketing software products, email marketing is included. 

You read that right. No more paying for every service you use. Get it all in one login, one dashboard, for one low price.
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